Why buy Bellevue Babes?


Our Babes are nothing like their caged supermarket cousins, and I don't want them to be!  They differ in living conditions, supplementary feed (certified organic feed),  and overall taste and nutrition! Bellevue Babes are heritage bred pork.  This means they have more fat to be able to withstand varying temperatures outdoors and occasionally you might see pigmentation on the skin from their black hairs.  Their meat is incredibly rich and flavoursome, and tastes nothing like supermarket pork.  So why not get some like minded friends or family together who truly care about how and where their food comes from and try some of our Pork today?

Free Range Organically fed Pork.

We are located on the Darling Downs in Queensland, just outside the township of Millmerran.  Our pigs are free to graze in open pastures where they are able to exhibit natural behaviors including wallowing, building nests to farrow their young in as well as digging the soils.  They are only supplemented with Certified Organic pig mash, sourced from Country Heritage Stockfeeds in Pittsworth, and our pigs have been included in our organic certification with the ACO. Our pigs are free from chemicals, antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

For the love of Lard!

Pork lard is one of the highest known sources of vitamin D!! Lard was once a staple in the family kitchen, used widely in everyday cooking until the popularity of cheap hydrogenated vegetable oils including soy, cotton, sunflower and canola increased. Lard is rendered from pig fat and contains approximately 13IU of Vitamin D per tablespoon. Consuming lard rich in Vitamin D can assist in calcium absorption, as well as the production and regulation of hormones.  If you are interested in rendering your own lard at home, click this link

Who's your farmer?

I am a big advocate for knowing your farmer, how and where was your food is grown, ensuring it is ethically produced, locally grown and eaten in season. Buy supporting Bellevue Babes, you are directly supporting the creation of jobs in a small country town (200km west of Brisbane) and a farmer directly. Your food miles are kept to a minimum and gives you a genuine opportunity to connect with your farmer.

Where has your pork come from?

Did you know 45% of all pork consumed in Australia is imported from European and North American Countries? Cheap, imported, pre-cooked pig meat with a shelf life of up to two years has resulted in price pressure to the Australian industry (ribs, pulled pork, pork belly). Australian Pork Producers have been faced with the issue of low prices as a result of cheap imports that don't ensure industry standards against an inferior product with dubious county or origin labeling.