Hi! I'm Soph.  A few years ago I watched a movie called 'Polyfaces - a world of many choices'.  I fell in love with Joel Salatin and his way of regenerative farming. He used, cattle, chickens and pigs in a rotational farming system that resulted in building up soil carbon and regenerating the soil! 

I was truly inspired and challenged at the same time.  I my opinion continual application of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals over our food and soil is unsustainable for the environment and our health.  Effectively we are producing poisoned food that fails to nourish us. I believe soil structure, biology and mineral availability is so important to overall soil health and ultimately nutritious food.  We need to honour the complexity involved in producing quality food without destroying the earth.  It is a privilege to be a farmer and I want to leave our little piece of the planet in a better way then when we found it.

So the concept of using pigs in a rotational grazing system, to dig, fertilize and nourish the soil on our farm was born and I purchased 4 Wessex Saddleback sows.  I fell in love with these gentle giants, they have beautiful docile, gentle, inquisitive nature, very protective of their young and each other.  These 4 girls grew up quickly, and before too long a "boar-friend" arrived on the scene... Prince Harry aka Harold who had just claimed Reserve Champion Boar at the Sydney Royal Show.  So together these pigs fell in love and 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days later... we welcomed their progeny into the world and hence the creation of Bellevue Babes.

I am truly passionate about health and wellness and honoring the animal through nose to tail consumption.  As consumers it is important to connect with our farmers and be mindful of eating seasonally and locally! 

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